The Boatman’s Dollar

Although not intellectually dishonest to shout loudly in an empty room, it seems, somehow, socially reprehensible. Pioneers in a strange land would often sing loudly all night to keep away the quiet. Such romantic responses to our index for fear aside, it is an activity that, for a moment, does decrease one’s bondage to silence. Granted in this small space there may be precious little room for music, the motivation will remain the same: to keep at bay the silence.

If, gentle reader, you should chance upon any of these notes in a cyberbottle, I hope you will find something worth thinking about and responding to. The more singing, or in this case, braying we do, we will, perhaps, keep away a larger moment of the silence.

A General Note: My views do not find genesis in partisan political bullet points and I have less interest in re-debating pre-digested prattle than in suffering the wrath of a great Mamba. I want to hear what you really think not what hot house plants in some precious think tank expect you to think. This will not be a daily blog. Any human being who has enough lungpower to fill a page a day should be institutionalized.

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